Word Dogs Features

Word Dogs Features

“If it’s fun… It’s done!”

The multiple-modality method of teaching the 220 high frequency (sight) words. Available as an Annual Video-Streaming Subscription or in DVD Format.

Word Dogs Sight Word Program animated music videos are fun story-songs that simultaneously engages students through rote recitation via melody, rhythm, movement, animated text for word emphasis, illustrations for context clues, and musical TAG or test assessment guide to check for understanding… It is connecting with more areas of a child’s brain as the learning process occurs.

This method is proven to make learning faster and is fun for the students… while reducing the teachers work load.

Word Dogs!™ is the perfect marriage between what a student needs to learn and the way the student wants to learn it!


Word Dogs!™ incorporates all 220 sight words into animated music videos engage kids in a rote recitation of the content. The program is geared toward kindergarten through second grade-level readers.

Word Dogs includes:

  • 55 music videos using 220 sight words
  • Assessment guide to check for understanding
  • 44 “Big Books” videos featuring 220 sight words in guided reading and independent reading formats
  • 12 games/activities
  • Printable awards, progress charts and more