Time-to-Rhyme Word Families FAQs

Time-to-Rhyme Word Families! FAQs

Why is learning the word families important for young readers?

Word families develop phonemic awareness in a pragmatic way. Because there is a repeating phoneme (rhyme), children can more easily decode letter sounds (onsets).

What are the silly game songs?

The game songs are a silly, fun way to get students to understand rhyming. There are various versions of an original song that demonstrate short and long vowel rhymes. In addition, there is a song made famous in the 1950’s by Shirley Ellis called “The Name Game”.

Do you recommend any tips or strategies when using Time-to-Rhyme Word Families to help my students?

Model how to “shout-out” and use simple movements to encourage engagement when prompted. Keep it short and fun and repeat the process daily for the best response and results. View the video tutorial to see examples of this.

Will you have other word families available in the future?

Yes, register today to become a member and receive product updates and information.

How do I access the printable resources on the DVD?

To access the printable resources, simply “right click” on your DVD drive to view and open the folder containing the PDF resource files.

What kind of printable resources are on the DVD?

The printable resources include:

  • 240 mini-page flipchart with illustrations that can be placed in a three-ring binder
  • Movement ideas
  • Games/extensions
  • Flashcards
  • Lyric sheets
  • Student assessments
  • Award certificates and more

How long is each video?

Each Time-to-Rhyme Word Family video is about 2 ½ minutes long. Each Rap-n-Rhyme music video is about 60 seconds. The duration is designed to keep primary-aged students highly focused and engaged in the fun.

What is the difference between the Time-to-Rhyme music videos and the Rap-n-Rhyme music videos?

The 30 Time-to-Rhyme music videos deliver the content in a systematic approach. First, the word family is presented in a fun, musical, rhyming jingle. Second, an onset letter is named, queuing the student to pronounce its phoneme, rhyme and word. Third, students are given two chances to shout out each of the rhyming words. Then, students are challenged to do the same again, but with only one chance. Now, students are ready to put the words into context through a guided reading and repeating of illustrated rhyming sentences as would be seen in a children’s book. We love to teach though a narrative. After all, each day is a new story of adventure for any young learner… Lastly, there is a place for class review to check for further understanding.

The 30 Rap-n-Rhyme Music Videos present the word families through the very traditional onset/rhyme flip-chart model, but with upbeat, fun music prompting the students to shout out their rhymes. A class review to check for further understanding is also found at the end of these music videos.

Will there be other products from Curriculalala?

Yes, register today to become a member and receive product updates and information.

How long should the program take a kindergartener to master?

Each music video in the Time-to-Rhyme Word Families program is designed to be a short burst of high engagement for young readers. It is a systematic, methodical and fun routine. Use it once or twice a day… then put it away!

The 30 word families featured in 60 music videos, game songs and printable resources can be covered in 30 days to 30 weeks, depending on the child and/or class.