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Students’ ability to learn can be hampered by growing class sizes, diversity of skill sets and learning styles and a school’s lack of instructional resources.

Curricula-la-la’s reading programs are effective and affordable supplements to your school’s traditional reading curriculum. Using music, movement, animated text, fun narratives, rhyming and repetition, Word Dogs, Time-to-Rhyme Word Families, and Pre-K Pups teach children essential reading, and other skills in a fun format.

Curriculalala’s products are created by veteran teachers, using research-based strategies, classroom observation, and decades of hands-on practical experience with primary-age students. These effective, affordable teaching aids incorporate a Multi-Modality approach to learning. This enables students to have a richer learning experience with the understanding that our cognitive abilities are greater when more areas of our brains process the information.

Features for educators:

  • Volume discounts for school systems
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Supplemental materials like games and awards increase participation
  • Teachers can easily track and measure progress with assessment guides and charts
  • DVD format can be used with any standard player

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Why should students learn sight words?