About Us

About Us

Curricu-lalala is the brainchild of veteran school teacher and musician Matthew Nichols. Nichols, who holds a masters degree in music from the University of Miami, noticed his students responded enthusiastically to curriculum when music, rhythm and repetition were part of the lesson plan. His classroom experience led him to research and develop several reading programs that engages children through catchy songs and fun characters and narratives.

Nichols, who has combined his talents as a professional composer and sound engineer with his talents as a professional educator to create critically acclaimed programs featured through Curriculalala. The comprehensive learning tools Word Dogs, Time-to-Rhyme Word Families, Pre-K Pups, and others (currently in development) are the result. “Embedding content into melody, rhythm, animation, movement, narratives, and repetition brings curriculum to life in a way that is engaging and fun for kids. Our scholarly, kid-friendly, animated dog, Wordy, enables student achievement all along the way…” says Nichols.

In addition to developing new products for Curricula-la-la, Nichols continues to teach music to elementary school children in Collier County, Florida.

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