Children’s Musicals

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Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Most Incredible Thing, Mother Nature (who is disappointed at the way all of the Winterland friends have been acting towards one another) invites everyone to participate in a contest to find the most wonderful Christmas present. She announces that the winner of the competition shall be granted one wish. Each character searches, while exuding poor sportsmanship and selfishness, until they each are able to bring their gift. But in the end, it is the little Inuit child who wins the contest with a gift of love and kindness.

The DVD comes complete with a multimedia eBook (viewed through Adobe Reader) and is a plug-n-play document, fully printable, which enables access to all content from any page with just a click.

The eBook features:

  • A short “Menu System Navigation Video Tutorial” to teach the functionality of the document
  • Five songs with vocals, plus a reprise
  • Five instrumental accompaniments
  • Scene Dialog
  • Lyric sheets with choreography notes
  • Lead sheets with melody, chords, and choreography notes
  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Animated Video Sing-Alongs of the music notation for each song
  • Choreography videos of each song
  • Production guide listing Plot, Characters, Costume Ideas, Staging Ideas, and Song-by-Scene Suggestions
  • Biography of the Composer, Illustrator, and Vocalist
  • Contacts